Guide to playing Squash - a Poem by Zee Shaan
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Guide to playing Squash - a Poem by Zee Shaan

Always step on the court with ur A game,
enjoy the sport with the right mind frame,
strive to be much better than your last time,
'cuz a win ain't a must & a loss ain't a crime...

Hold ur racquet up high to help u disguise,
but never overinduldge in your own surprise,
'cuz not every flick u play will end up being winner,
so keep the margin of error from becoming thinner...

Defend each shot like u defend ur pride,
and soon ur opponent will break his stride,
relish the feeling of being under pressure,
& u will end up emerging so much fresher...

When playing with someone much better,
don't try & become a new trend-setter,
by 'tin'ning every ball u wanted to kill,
try to play steady & respect their skill...

While playing with someone of equal skill,
it's time to put to use, each & every drill,
to yourself u have to always demonstrate,
that u can win this if u really concentrate...

Playing someone lower, keep this in mind,
help them enjoy the game & try to be kind,
this is a chance to polish ur own technique,
& also better urself with some healthy critique...

Practice peristently to better each & every shot,
so u can successfully divise ur next battle's plot,
notice how far ur shots stay up, how deep they land,
& then unveil the strategy with the weapon in ur hand...

Train your body to endure brutally hard matches,
so u will be consistent, not just strong in patches,
thus u can always avoid a complete white wash,
don't play squash to get fit, get fit to play squash... Questions?
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